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How Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery’s Dental Implants Help

Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery, in the Metro Atlanta area, loves it when our patients tell us about the benefits of dental implants. While the results differ for everyone depending on the exact circumstances of the work, there are certain benefits that most people notice when they get a dental implant. Some benefits revolve around improving one’s appearance, while others involve a person’s health. No matter what has caused you to seek out dental implants, there are some key benefits you should be considering.

Implant Restorations That Match Your Natural Teeth

One main benefit of a dental implant is how well the crown can match the appearance of your natural teeth. Things like affordable dentures tend to look less natural in the mouth. Implants can fill a gap perfectly and the crown can match the color of the surrounding teeth. Full-arch implants line up with the location of your natural arch and once restored, often look better than your natural teeth ever did. Our surgeons at Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery partner with your general dentist and a lab specialist through the final crown restoration to produce realistic looking teeth.

Restoring Your Biting Force with Full-Arch Implants

Whether dental implants are for a single tooth or an entire arch, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery can restore your original biting force. This is just one of many benefits of dental implants. Sometimes, the implants need to heal for a couple of months before the patient’s biting force is back to normal, but our professionals are almost always able to do so. We adjust the teeth to ensure your bite distributes pressure evenly and does not put unnecessary pressure on the implant post.

How All-on-Fours Can Stop Changes in Your Face’s Shape

Many patients at Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery fail to realize the extent to which their teeth make up their overall facial shape and structure. One benefit of dental implants is the ability to restore the shape of your face. People often comment that they look younger after an implant because their face has the same shape that it once did.

Improve Your Speech With a Dental Implant

A full set of teeth is integral to natural speech and pronunciation. The low-budget options for replacing teeth, like affordable dentures, can also cause noticeable differences in one’s speech pattern. One significant benefit of dental implants, like Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery’s all-on-fours, is restoring your natural speech pattern. Since implants fit exactly where your tooth or teeth previously sat, they should allow you to sound just like you always have.

Get Dental Implants, Not Cavities

Many of Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery’s patients’ favorite benefit of dental implants is that they no longer need to worry about cavities. While we make dental implants from several different materials, none of them are susceptible to decay like your natural teeth. It is still important to maintain oral hygiene for several other reasons, but with dental implants, cavities are a thing of the past. This is an especially appealing feature of implants since many people get implants because of their natural predisposition towards cavities and other types of tooth decay.

Maintaining Dental Implants Made Easy

Another benefit of dental implants is that the care is mostly the same as with your natural teeth. Full-arch implants, single implants, and all-on-fours can be brushed and flossed like any other teeth. Additionally, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery suggests routine dental care with x-rays and cleanings to ensure no problems arise with the implants. For those that are concerned, there are specialized cleaning tools designed specifically for implants. Things like electric toothbrushes, antimicrobial mouth rinses, and interproximal brushes are all fantastic options for keeping your dental implants maintained.