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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I keep pressure on the gauze?

We recommend you apply firm pressure on the gauze once you leave the office for about thirty minutes as this will help stop the bleeding and to form a blood clot. Slight post-operative bleeding can occur for up to three days after surgery, so by biting on the gauze will help keep the bleeding under control, especially on the day of surgery, don’t get alarmed as this is normal, just change the gauze as needed throughout the day until bleeding stops.

What should I do if I still notice blood on the gauze?

Remain calm. Keep continuous firm pressure on the gauze. Try not to talk or spit while applying pressure. Moistened tea bags wrapped in gauze applied to surgical site will also help with the bleeding as the tea bags contain tannic acid, which promotes in the clotting process. Gently remove the tea bag and gauze after 30-45mins. The bleeding should have eased. You may have a pink tinge to your saliva as this is normal and may continue for a day or two.

What should I do if I feel nauseous?

Due to the anesthesia and pain medications that were given to you, you may experience some mild stomach upset or a feeling of being nauseous. Before taking any pain medications, we ask that you have something on your stomach such as clear liquids, milkshakes, applesauce, jello or pudding as this will help offset the nauseous feeling. Carbonated water or soda such as Ginger Ale may also help relieve an upset stomach.

What can I do to relieve pain?

You will be numb for up to 6 hours after your surgery. Before the numbing medication wears off, we ask that you take the prescription pain medication as instructed. The first day or two day you will experience some discomfort, after day three, take the pain medication as needed in accordance with the prescribed directions. Please don’t hesitant to call our office if the pain persist and by taking the pain medication does not relieve your discomfort. Our patients are ALWAYS our first priority!

How long will my recovery take? When can I return to work or to my normal routine?

You have undergone significant surgery and your body needs time to recover. Plan at least three or four days to rest from normal activity. How quickly you recover depends on how you cooperate with your body’s healing process (resting, drinking liquids, taking your medications, avoiding solid foods that require vigorous chewing such as pizza, pretzels and steak, and rinsing gently, etc.). By following these guidelines, you will minimize complications such as infection and the breakdown of the blood clot (“dry socket”) and return to your routine more quickly.

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