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Sugarloaf Oral Surgery Office


2925 Premiere Parkway, Suite 185
Duluth, GA 30097



Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Doctors Practicing at the Sugarloaf Office

Dr. Chris Jo and Dr. John LaBanc at our Sugarloaf office in Duluth specialize in a wide array of procedures including wisdom tooth and other extractions, dental implants, bone grafting, oral pathology and facial reconstruction. Using the latest in technology and staying on the leading edge of clinical updates, our focus in on reducing anxiety, keeping patients informed and providing exceptional care every step of the way.

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Simple Driving Directions

From 85N:

Take 85N to exit 108, Sugarloaf Pkwy. or

Turn right onto Sugarloaf Pkwy. for @1.4 miles

Turn right onto Premiere Pkwy.

Our office complex is the 2nd one of the left.

From 85S:

Take 85N to exit 108, Sugarloaf Pkwy. or

Turn right onto Sugarloaf Pkwy. for @1.4 miles

Turn right onto Premiere Pkwy.

Our office complex is the 2nd one of the left.

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Patient Testimonials

Welcome to Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery’s Sugarloaf Office

Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming oral surgery? You needn’t be when you come to our Sugarloaf office. Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery has been synonymous with exceptional patient care since 1980. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Chris Jo or Dr. John LaBanc, you can expect us to keep you well-informed every step of the way. Whether you need wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafting, or dental implants, Duluth, GA residents know they can depend on us for state-of-the-art care. Our oral surgeons and staff are here to reduce your anxiety by answering any questions. Feel free to reach out to us and request an appointment at your earliest convenience. We’re here for you!

Dental Implants Are Natural-Looking and Permanent

Dental implants are one of the most popular restoration methods available today, and for plenty of good reasons. Patients don’t have to worry about changing their diet or removing their dentures at night to clean them. Dental implants are natural-looking and permanent, thanks to the osseointegration process. Are you wondering if dental implants are right for you? Visit our Sugarloaf office for more info.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Decreases Oral Health Risks

The human mouth holds 28 teeth comfortably, so when the wisdom teeth (third molars) come in during the late teens or early twenties, they can wreak havoc. Wisdom teeth removal is usually necessary to prevent impacted teeth, cavities, infections, cysts, and even tumors. Schedule a consultation with our oral surgeons in Duluth to learn more about the procedure and recovery expectations.

General Anesthesia to Keep You Calm During Surgery

One of the ways we reduce patient anxiety about procedures is by offering local and general anesthesia. Our Sugarloaf office provides nitrous oxide (laughing gas), as well as oral and intravenous (IV) sedation. Whether you’re here for wisdom teeth removal or dental implants, you’ll be kept calm and comfortable.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery from Skilled Oral Surgeons

Some patients require more extensive surgery than others to correct severe TMJ disorders, hereditary conditions, and facial trauma injuries. Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery’s skilled oral surgeons specialize in facial reconstruction. We take the time to explain the procedure in-depth to reduce anxiety. We can even show you how you may look after surgery, thanks to three-dimensional models and x-rays.

Bone Grafting: A Modern Medical Marvel to Grow Bone

Bone grafting is a procedure we often recommend for patients getting dental implants. Grafts are taken from your hip or tibia or a tissue bank. Thanks to advancements made in guided bone regeneration, we can now grow bone wherever needed, including your jawbone. Talk to our doctors today to explore the possibilities offered by modern medicine and bone grafting.

Don’t Become a Statistic: Talk to Our Oral Pathology Experts

Oral cancer claims many lives, especially when it’s detected too late for effective treatment. Our oral pathology experts in Duluth are available for consultations. Don’t ignore oral sores, lumps, or unusual reddish or whitish patches during your monthly self-exams. Seek a professional diagnosis immediately.

Curious About Our Non-Surgical Procedures? Contact Us!

Patients come to Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery for a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Whether you need dry mouth or sleep apnea treatment, we encourage you to reach out and request additional information about our non-surgical alternatives!