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The Doctors of Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery have been providing specialty surgical services since 1980. Over the years the group has had various names, but the core set of Doctors has stayed together. In 2001, the group consolidated its ownerships and formed one company, Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery. Our surgeon’s core values of surgical excellence and patient safety were coupled with an ambitious plan to provide those services to as many patients as possible.

In order to realize this goal, two unique clinical strategies were adopted. The first was to participate in as many insurance plans as possible for the communities being served including Medicaid. The second was to remove as many administrative duties from the surgical offices as possible. This strategy allowed AOFS to both become a patient advocate in sorting out the complications of oral surgery insurance, which often involves dental and medical coverage, as well as to empower the surgical offices to focus on patient comfort & safety, and referral doctor communications. With this strategy in place, AOFS consolidated our 7 offices and began a campaign to vastly expand its service to patients throughout Atlanta. By 2012 AOFS had grown to 21 oral surgery offices, one plastic surgery office, and 19 doctors, easily becoming the largest oral surgery group of its kind in the United States. Use our  locations map to be directed to the specific office page that serves you.

If you need any additional information, please contact us at Atlanta Office Phone Number 1-877-2MYAOFS (1-877-269-2637).

We do provide a secure portal for you to pay your dues online:

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You have reached our “Patient Information” portal. The top navigation bar of headings has drop down menus that will give you sub topics on the information you want to know; as well as what to expect when you bring your children or loved ones to Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery for an appointment. We want you to know every aspect of what it means to come to AOFS for the various oral surgery procedures.

The “Patient Education” heading will show and explain the many procedures our specialty surgeons have been trained to provide. “What to Expect” will take you through the details of patient visit procedures, from making appointments to preparing for post-operative recovery. “Meet Our Doctors” is where you can view photos of  and read about all our doctors. “Visit Our Offices” is where you will find the most convenient AOFS locations near your address via an interactive map. The top logo will take you back to our Home Page.

ASIRD logoAtlanta Oral & Facial Surgery is proud to be your local Atlanta ASIRD Dental Implant Team.  For more information about ASIRD, and why you should choose an ASIRD approved surgeon and implant restorative dentist, click here.

If you need any additional information, please contact us at
Atlanta Office Phone Number 1-877-2MYAOFS (1-877-269-2637)