Frequently Asked Questions | Atlanta GA

Q: How long should I keep pressure on the gauze?
A: Before you left our office we made sure that the bleeding was under control. We do recommend you leaving the gauze over the Surgery site for at least 30 minutes after you arrive home. Bite down with firm pressure during that time. Then gently remove the gauze. If bright red blood flows from the Surgery area, put a clean piece of moistened gauze in your mouth and again bite down with firm pressure for another 30 minutes. After that, bleeding should have eased. A pink tinge to your saliva is normal and may continue for a day or two.


Q: What should I do if I still notice blood on the gauze?
A: Remain calm. Have you been keeping FIRM CONTINUOUS pressure on the gauze? If not, do so for 30 more minutes. Do not talk or spit. Remain at rest during this time. You might try using a moistened tea bag wrapped in gauze on the surgery site. Tea bags contain tannic acid, which promotes clotting. Remove the bag and gauze after 30-45 minutes.


Q: What should I do if I feel nauseous?
A: Pain medication may cause some mild stomach upset. That is why we suggest you drink a milk product (like a milkshake) before your first dose of medication. Carbonated water or soda may also relieve an upset stomach.


Q: What can I do to relieve pain?
A: Begin taking prescribed pain medication as soon as possible after surgery. We recommend that you first eat something to alleviate nausea that pain medication can cause. Continue taking the medication on the prescribed schedule for the first day or two. After that time, take pain medication as needed in accordance with prescribed directions.


Q: How long will my recovery take? When can I return to work or to my normal routine?
A: You have undergone significant surgery and your body needs time to recover. Plan at least three or four days to rest from normal activity. How quickly you recover depends on how you cooperate with your body’s healing process (resting, drinking liquids, taking your medications, avoiding hard foods and vigorous chewing, rinsing gently, etc.). By following these guidelines, you will minimize complications such as infection and the breakdown of the blood clot (“dry socket”) and return to your routine more quickly.

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