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Temporomandibular disorders are a complex of symptoms that include head, neck and shoulder pain, limited range of motion as well as bony and soft tissue joint conditions. Many of these jaw pain symptoms are more commonly referred to as TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint. Treatments include physical therapy, splint therapy, medication, trigger point injections and dry needling. Less than 5% of TMD patients require surgical treatment.

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This is a 1st class business. The staff is authentically kind and helpful. Dr. David radiates skill and deep knowledge. His assistant Michelle is beyond 'good'. I asked her to help me with a paperwork issue that requires several steps to complete - and I needed it immediately. The way she handled my request was better than I could have imagined! (Thank you, Michelle!) I've chosen Dr. David as my TMJ specialist, and am so grateful to have found him!

- Mary V

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